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Google Summer Of Code 2016

“GSoC 2016: Congratulations, your proposal with Debian Project has been accepted!”, this was the title of the email I received confirming my admission to the Google Summer Of Code program this summer (2016). Link

I’m really excited about this especially because this is my first big step into FOSS world as a developer.

The organization I will be collaborating with is Debian. The goal of my project is to have the entire Android toolchain and SDK in Debian ! You can check more details about the project here.

The First step of GSOC is the “Community Bonding” period, therefore, I had the pleasure to meet my mentors and colleagues that I will collaborate with during the next “Coding Period”, which starts from May 23rd to August 23rd, 2016 !

Update 26 May 2016:

GSOC'16 Welcome Package

GSoC'16 Welcome Package

Looking forward to summer ! :D

Happy Coding,

Mouaad Aallam

Mouaad Aallam

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