GSoC'16: The End

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Google Summer Of Code 2016

“Congratulations! You have successfully passed GSoC 2016!”, This is how the email I’ve received begins, informing me that I successfully passed the Final Evaluation, and declaring the end of Google Summer Of Code 2016.

After more than three months of GSoC’16, the adventure comes to its end. It has been a great time working with my mentors and colleagues, creating, learning and getting involved in the project.

GSoC’16 was only the start, I will keep my involvement in the Debian Project, and gladly keep contributing to the project under android-tools packaging team and maybe becoming a DM or a DD one day ! :)


GSoC Certificate

Google Summer Of Code 2016 Certification
Mouaad Aallam

Mouaad Aallam

Software Engineer

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